not Charity.

This is a platform to facilitate the redistribution of resources from Singaporeans to the migrant community.

Your dollar goes a long way in ensuring that migrant workers remain safe, healthy, and cared for during and beyond their time in Singapore. The ultimate goal we are working towards is a society where migrant workers are treated equitably and with dignity.

Clip from “$alary Day” (2020) by Ramasamy Madhavan. Click here to watch the full short film.

Who We Are

We are a self-organised group of individuals with no affiliation to any organizations who seek not to be ‘middlemen’ but to be facilitators; to create a system where people can anonymously and directly redistribute resources to migrant workers.

If someone requests for help, it is our job to list their needs; and it is your choice to contribute. We do not speak on behalf of migrant workers, we only amplify their voices and make sure help goes directly to those who need it.

Our Process

  • 1

    Conduct a multi-step verification process of a migrant workers identity and their case details for internal recordkeeping.

  • 2

    Assist the worker with PayLah! QR code set-up.

  • 3

    Assign the listing to a coordinator. We have an existing pool of volunteer coordinators who help with fundraising and signal boosting listings.

  • 4

    List their needs on the Excel spreadsheet and on this website (the Excel sheet is updated immediately, and the website is updated every 24 hours).

  • 5

    Members of the public can contribute to individual listings or make a contribution to the Standing Solidarity Fund.

  • 6

    Coordinators make QR code transfers to workers, and we verify that funds are successfully sent and received.

How can I contribute?

PayLah! our coordinators directly via the QR code on the Listings tab; or contact coordinators via Telegram for other ways to make a transfer to them.

Make a one-time or monthly recurring payment to SSF on the payment box on the right (or below on mobile). SSF contributions go to a dedicated bank account from which we disburse funds directly to support migrant workers (prioritising the most urgent cases) and our ongoing fundraisers. A small portion of the fund goes towards the admin costs of running this website (domain, server, etc).

All donors receive a monthly newsletter containing the breakdown of how the SSF is used each month.