The pax sticker was originally introduced to improve the safety of migrant worker transportation in lorries. However, workers continue to get injured or killed as the back of lorries are inherently unsafe for passengers.
This campaign reinterprets the pax sticker to bring attention to a set of numbers that usually go unnoticed.

Stick these all-surface decals on a prominent surface to display your solidarity. Whether it’s on your vehicle, water bottle, or your laptop, choose any spot where it will catch the eye. Let’s put an end to this dangerous, dehumanising and discriminatory practice.

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We are Migrant Mutual Aid

We are a self-organised group of individuals with no affiliation to any organizations. We seek not to be ‘middlemen’ but to be facilitators; to create a system where people can anonymously and directly redistribute resources to migrant workers and to advocate for their rights.

What You Can Do

There are various ways to actively engage with our cause. You can take the initiative to organize events and projects, or express your concerns by writing letters to your MPs or relevant ministries. Additionally, leveraging social media platforms is an impactful way to raise awareness and advocate for positive change.

To continue supporting our work, you may also choose to make a one-time or monthly recurring contribution to our Standing Solidarity Fund (SSF) on the payment box on the right (or below on mobile). SSF contributions go to a dedicated bank account from which we disburse funds directly to support migrant workers (prioritising the most urgent cases) and our ongoing fundraisers. A small portion of the fund goes towards the admin costs of running this website (domain, server, etc).

All donors receive a monthly newsletter detailing the breakdown of how the SSF is used each month.

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