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Nature of Need

M (L03)

M (L03)

Start Date

Jun 24, 2022


Jul 24, 2022
Last Update: July 27, 2022

Asking Amount

SGD 4000

Amount Left

SGD 2700

Nature of Need


M is a 43-year old Malaysian Tamil worker who has worked in Singapore for 20 years with a furniture moving company. He recently came into financial hardship due to two medical emergencies and a death in his family. In April 2021, his brother suffered a stroke that rendered him unable to work. In January this year M’s father passed away, and just last month, in May 2022, his brother’s wife had to undergo a heart operation.

To pay for both these medical emergencies and his father’s funeral, M had to borrow money from his colleagues in Singapore and his relatives in Malaysia. Some of these loans were offered to M with high interest rates of up to 10%, but he had no choice but to accept for urgent need of money. He has been trying to pay these loans off for the better part of a year while being the sole breadwinner of his entire family since his brother’s stroke. On top of this, he has to pay for his own rent and meal costs in Singapore.

Every month, he pays off what he can using his salary, and has to resort to loaning more money for day-to-day necessities. Because of the high interest rates, some months he ends up only paying off the interest and not the principal sum loaned. At this point M is trapped in the vicious cycle of incurring debt to pay off debt.

Earlier this month, we sent him SGD $1,000 from our Standing Solidarity Fund (SSF) to help him settle an urgent loan. We are seeking to raise SGD $4,000 to help him settle all his debt, so that he can move forward with his life beyond this difficult period of time.

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