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MS (M17) – Second Fundraiser

MS is a 49-year old Filipino domestic helper who returned home to the Philippines to undergo a hysterectomy, after she was found to have multiple ovarian cysts and a tumour in her left ovary. Last December, we fundraised SGD $3,500 to cover the costs of her surgery and other medical bills.

MS (M17) – First Fundraiser

MS is a 49-year old Filipino domestic worker who has been working in Singapore for 12 years.In October 2022, she was found to have multiple ovarian cysts as well as a tumour in her left ovary during a health check-up in the Philippines, which she had paid for out of pocket. She was advised by …

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VR (L04)

‘VR’ is a 35 year old shipyard worker who took loans to pay for his father’s medical bills and funeral earlier this year. VR’s father battled with kidney issues and eventually passed away in July this year. VR took some of this loan with interest and is seeking support to pay off this debt by …

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MN (M16)

‘MN’ is a 44 year old domestic helper who is undergoing treatment for Stage 3 breast cancer in the Philippines. She first discovered a lump in her right breast in October 2019 while working, and ignored it at first; she kept working until April 2022 when she went back to the Philippines to take care …

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M (L03)

M is a 43-year old Malaysian Tamil worker who has worked in Singapore for 20 years with a furniture moving company. He recently came into financial hardship due to two medical emergencies and a death in his family. In April 2021, his brother suffered a stroke that rendered him unable to work. In January this …

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