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MN (M16)

‘MN’ is a 44 year old domestic helper who is undergoing treatment for Stage 3 breast cancer in the Philippines. She first discovered a lump in her right breast in October 2019 while working, and ignored it at first; she kept working until April 2022 when she went back to the Philippines to take care …

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JB (S01)

JB is a 40-year-old Filipino domestic helper who was wrongfully terminated from her job in October 2021 (i.e. without notice period or salary in lieu), after facing unfair and exploitative working conditions. She had been working for almost 8 months from 6AM-11PM daily and was not permitted an off day.

M (L03)

M is a 43-year old Malaysian Tamil worker who has worked in Singapore for 20 years with a furniture moving company. He recently came into financial hardship due to two medical emergencies and a death in his family. In April 2021, his brother suffered a stroke that rendered him unable to work. In January this …

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R (M02)

#SGMuslims4MigrantWorkers raised $25,000 last Ramadan for R’s treatment, i.e. chemotherapy and a potential bone marrow transplant (BMT). Unfortunately, as R’s cancer is aggressive, his white blood cell count was still too high by the time he was about to receive his BMT. As this created a high risk of BMT rejection by his immune system, …

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S (M15)

*We will be keeping the fundraiser open for contributions till 24th April 2022 – please refer to our sheet for the latest fundraising amount*S (M15) is a 30-year-old Bangladeshi woman whose late husband, H, was a migrant worker in Singapore. He passed away in June 2021 from liver failure after  presenting with an episode of …

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JP (M10) – Second Fundraiser

JP (M10) is a 41 year old Filipino domestic helper who was diagnosed with cervical cancer in March 2021 at KK Hospital. She worked in Singapore for 8 years and had been with her most recent ex-employer for 9 months before learning about her diagnosis. Her employers terminated her contract and booked her on a …

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J (L02)

J is a Bangladeshi migrant worker who experienced pain in his anal region for a prolonged period while he was in Singapore. He went for a couple of preliminary tests that did not reveal anything so doctors advised further exploratory testing. However, his employer began asking about salary deductions—via a supervisor who was likely also …

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S (M13)

‘S’ (M13) is a 29-year old migrant worker from Thanjavur, India, who worked in Singapore for 4.5 years in both the construction & waste management industries. ‘S’ recently returned to India for treatment after a diagnosis at SGH revealed that he was suffering from end stage renal failure (ESRF). He received this diagnosis after visiting …

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A (L01)

A (L01) is a 29 year old Bangladeshi migrant worker who was recently referred to us by HealthServe. He had borrowed money from four of his colleagues (who are also Bangladeshi migrant workers), and a couple of friends back home to pay for an operation for his father (which totaled SGD $5,900). His father recently …

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